My Story

The Birth of Madeleine De Winter

Every woman starts off somewhere on the path to discovering their inner most desires, I was 25 when I realised my insatiable sexual appetite, charm and taste for the finer things in life would be better wielded in achieving that. I am not your typical woman, nor should you be here if you are searching for the already known. Here you will find a fascinating example of curves, decadence and all round pleasure just waiting for you to dip your toe into its ever adventurous waters and take a stroll into the world of the wonderful Miss De Winter  – The Blonde BBW.

At 5ft 2 Inches tall I am curvaceous and cute, bursting with curiosity, my long blonde hair naturally curls into a style I refer to as sultry mermaid, on occasion blown out into silken sunlight. My large brown eyes surrounded by an abundance of long thick black lashes shine bright with excitement and never fail in capturing even the luke warm hearts imagination. My body flows with soft pale skin, in the summer the slightest of tan radiates showing off my Mediterranean heritage and emphasising the life that flows through me.

I have a blended accent, my northern roots show their face on the occasional word or two, but mostly you’ll find my voice when I whisper in your ear to be seductively well spoken with a strong southern influence.

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