The True Art of Time Management and Date Prep

A date isn’t just the time we spend together, oh no… there is far more involved than you would think. I am probably a bad example for this due to my general flexibility and love of the spontaneous meaning I can accommodate last minute adventures… that is if they are simple and neatly fit into the GFE date box. But what happens when there’s a Michelin star restaurant and theatre expedition involved, throw in a kink filled evening with a list of fantasies you want made reality and then the last minute flexibility I am known to have goes straight out the window.

You see when you make a date with a companion there is so much more to that date than us just showing up, looking lovely and ready to blow your mind. In fact the run up to that date can be quite chaotic, especially if you are me and generally don’t live near any of the required beauty stops in order to be the best version of me I can be, just for you.

From the minute I get your enquiry all the way through to confirmation the wheels are turning the cogs are running, my mind and diary is already thinking over what I need?, what has to be done?, what will my travel case contain? And what will the ‘look’ be for this particular date. I try to familiarise myself with you from the information you’ve provided, making sure I get a sense of who you are and what you are looking for. There is so much to consider in the run up to the date, to call it a simple process would be doing it an injustice. It is in fact a carefully organised time management process where we are constantly engaged with you from the moment of booking through to the end of our time together.

Let’s say you send me a lovely email with my dream date, we are to head to dinner and then onto the theatre, for this scenario let’s say a contemporary piece; we are to then head back to your hotel in the city and you have a mind to be mildly dominated, you’ve taken an interest lately in pegging and have asked me to bring the necessary ‘equipment’, champagne on ice and a view to die for. The prep involved in this date would mean for a meeting of 6pm, I would be up at 9am that day preparing. From the run to the hair stylist (I am incapable of managing my own hair, it’s a tad wild in nature), to the nail technician to make sure the manicure is on point; onto the shaving, waxing, plucking, moisturizing and making sure to pack all the ‘equipment’ requested…. Plus maybe a few extra toys. The whole day is dedicated to you, every second, action and thought is entirely dedicated to our date, All other work must be time managed to be complete before this, there needs to be nothing but you on my mind that entire day, which is why for a date like this NOTICE is so important. I have been known to pull off this particular endeavour with less than 2 hours notice, however for my energy levels and if you like your lovely blonde companion nice and relaxed, try not to do this. In my personal opinion at least 24 hours is needed, that’s just to make sure all the relevant prep can be done/arranged. I know you guys love to think we sit around primped with hair set daily and ready to go, but in my case that simply isn’t true, I’m a little more bobcat and a little less silken jaguar when pressed too soon.

The whole process very much is an art form, every companion will have a process or order they like to do things in. I have particular outfits I like to wear for specific tasks….or styles so I have to make sure they are ready etc… As a BBW I tend to really try to put the most effort in, as I have a lot more to work with. I always feel a little less when I’ve had less prep time, to be at my best I need that 24 hour buffer before an extended date to really be a knockout. But that doesn’t mean I turn up to short notice dates in a rucksack with bits of bush in my tresses, that’s an image if there was one, imagine. But I do like to be well rested before we embark on our journey together, and when a companion feels like they are looking 100% it’s you who gets to reap all those benefits. So be mindful, and where you can…. Book in advance, pre screen and you’ll get the best we can be, which is sure to make your knees weak and excite other parts of you entirely.

Client Screening, what is it and why do we do it?

Well hello Friday and welcome back to my blog…

I know it’s been a while, life got in the way and I don’t know about you but 2018 was not a good year. Here we are a mere month and a half into a new one and so far the biggest obstacle I’ve come up against has been a confusing one, client screening. Now before I jump right in and explain what I mean some of you reading are probably unaware what client screening is (at-least that’s what I’ve come face to face with recently) Client screening is a way in which we as providers can do our best in what can be a rather unkind world, especially for sex workers, to make sure we are safe and secure in our environments.

Client screening will differ provider to provider, each of us has our own needs or at least a check list of safe guards that mean that when we do meet our client we are comfortable and feel safe, this brings with it a security to the client also as we are indeed making sure they are not at risk but that we in turn can provide the best service possible in a relaxed safe environment.

My clients screening is vigorous and a tad more complex (only a tad) than some but I also ask for a lower deposit than others… it really does differ person to person and that’s because we all have our own experiences that this has come about from. I only host from the best locations, secure and private incall locations mean I have to make sure I know who is visiting there, but also I have been attacked in my incall location previously. I didn’t screen that client and I don’t know his name. I have not been back to that incall location. In my case personally, I need to know who I am meeting, and my clients in turn get to know me. It’s not some con, I have zero intention in harpooning my business by telling your wife, boss, lad’s down the pub etc… what we have been getting up to. Ask yourself what would I gain from that and think about the countless sex workers who instead of enjoying their work and creating wonderful experiences for you all, they spend their days in terror that some unknown man will walk in and attack them and they will never be able to report him because he hid his identity.

As I said earlier everyone’s mode of screening will be designed so that they feel as safe as possible so that the best most orgasmic meet of your life can occur.

Screening can be quick, easy and painless….. and results in memories you will be thinking about favourably for days, maybe even weeks later. So instead of complaining or asking a provider to drop their screening process, think about why they have a screening process to start with and why you should always respect your provider.

  • Madeleine