Dinner Dates and Events

Dinner Dates and Events

Dinner Dates

As an avid culinary explorer with fingers in a few food orientated pies away from my clandestine activities, there is nothing more to love than a date that begins with a dinner. Don't just assume I'm talking purely about wining and dining formally as I also offer deluxe home cooked dates hosted by me, clothes optional and salivating. Or maybe you want to show off what you can do with  some seasonal produce and a good bottle of Champagne (Bollinger preferred, Dom appreciated).

Why not take advantage of my Michelin knowledge and let me take you to one of my favourite restaurants or maybe the personal touch is what you are after.... I offer luxury dinner dates at my incall location in London, home cooked and dessert served with a smile. Please enquire for the requested donation.

Valentines Day 2019

Are you a hopeless romantic who finds themself alone on Valentine’s Day? Maybe a busy bee who wants just one evening of romance on a rather packed schedule? Or do you simply want to spend your valentines with me....

Shall we go for dinner, let’s dress up and enjoy a cocktail with a view. Hand in hand, touching, kissing and caressing oneanother for dessert. Sounds good doesn’t it!

A brief encounter (4 hours) with this blonde valentine would be £300, a highly prized and passionate overnight would be £500 .... want me to cook a three course dinner and make you my number one priorty All. Night. Long.... £700

Go all out and wake up with me valentines morning, let me be your little ray of sunshine and create the perfect romantic date for you. Arrange a valentines eve overnight and really start it with a bang.... or two.... or even three. I ask for a donation of £1000 for my time from February 13th until midnight on Valentine’s Day.

but don’t worry, if you can’t find the time to spend a valentines evening with me... how about a lunch!

Let’s grab a bit in the city and an unrushed hour or two after ... it is valentines after all... and everyone deserves that perfect day.

Events and Private Functions

Do you desire a companion to join you at a private function?

A social chameleon, as at home in the upper echelons as I am at a social club. Whether you need a vivacious blonde on your arm or just a friend to accompany you on a once avoided trek back to see old acquaintances, I am here to provide you comfort, company, laughter and so much more. You would never regret taking that leap and asking me to join you because from that moment I am yours and the rest of the world can continue to sleep. Demure and reserved until we are alone rest assured that my companionship provides the gold star in excellence you have been looking for.

Other interests

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