Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Any Questions?

What’s your ideal age in a man?

I don't meet with anyone under the age of 30, personally preference is for older men who are professionals and well groomed with exceptional hygiene.

Do I travel?

Yes, I do. I tour but also I am happy to travel nationally for dates of 2 hours or longer.

Do I condone unsafe sex practices?

Should anything sexual happen between two consenting adults within the time we spend together but not dictated by the contract of time purchased, then any sexual activities we take part in will be 100% safe as I do not condone unsafe sex acts and if you make attempts at that with me, you will be blocked and sent packing.

Do you see drunk clients?


Will you wear what I tell you to?

If you buy it for me, sure. I however do not have a never ending closet no matter how hard I try, so I can't take clothing requests.

What is your screening process?

If you contact me via here please include your name, contact details and a full description of what you are looking for, if It's something I can do then I will ask for the following -

  1. Some ID
  2. A Deposit
  3. References (If you don't have any don't worry)

The deposit is either bank transfer or amazon gift card. These are none negotiable and have come around due to an influx in time wasters this year. My work is my passion, I need to make sure i'm giving my time and energy to genuine connections.

Do you have any kind of reward in place for regular associates?

I do! Please enquire about a Lover's rewards card on our first date...

Do you have any friends or provide duo dates etc?

Yes, I am friends with other delightful companions of all kinds of flavours and styles. We are very much open to duo dates and such.

What are your available hours?

I am available for incalls 12 noon until 9pm when in London, on tour my incalls vary and can be quite flexible.

Outcalls are 12 noon until 2am when in London and the same on tour.

What is your cancellation process?

If you do need to cancel I am very understanding, however a cancellation with less than 48 hours notice does incur a cancellation charge of £50 on a singular hour or 40% of final fee on bookings 2 hours or more.

If you cancel with more notice your deposit counts against a reschedule date and you will not be asked to pay a cancellation fee, even though one would be greatly appreciated.