Do you wish to show your appreciation for my work?

Whether it be my birthday (July 4th) or Christmas or maybe you just want to spoil me... and who am I to say no to a dash of spoiling every now and then. I have comprised some of my details and likes below if you wanted to deliver in person when we are together again or there is the option of my amazon wish list linked on this page for those who admire from afar or are yet able to join me in the flesh. If you do choose to bestow a gift upon me, please make sure you note who it is from so that I can personally thank you for the kindness you have shown me.


My dress size is 22, Bra 42D, Shoe 6/6.5

I love anything from, Ann Summers, Playful Promises, Liberty of London, Mac Cosmetics, and Print club London.

My favourite colour is Red or Black and my favourite luxury designers are Gucci, Alexander McQueen, Tom Ford and Dolce and Gabbana


Please note below are some gift card selections that would be very helpful, mostly in helping to be the best me I can for you but also bringing me a little joy if you can't get away to spend time in my arms. There are also suitable as deposits on bookings.

The email address to use is my secure direct address at -


Playful Promises E Gift Voucher (Lingerie)

Spa and Beauty E Gift Voucher

MAC Cosmetics E Gift Voucher

Apple E Gift Voucher (Help my laptop needs replacing)

Amazon E Gift Voucher

John Lewis E Gift Voucher



Regular lover?

Ask me directly for my private lingerie wish list and you can send me all kinds of utterly devastating and exquisite delights.

My Birthday Wishlist


It's my birthday on July 4th and I really urgently need a few things. Rock my world and help me achieve my goals in one of the few ways below....

My laptop is dead (R.I.P) This not only affects this business but also my other world which relies on a working laptop. If you really want to make my birthday extra special this year then please send an apple gift card so I can use it to put towards the mac book of my dreams. ♥

I do also still have a passion for lingerie so a playful promises gift never goes unappreciated either.

Or check out my personal wishlist for every day needs including beauty and things to help with the day to day running of being your luxury companion and kinkster.