Companion, Confidant, Muse


My style is more inclined towards Girl Friend Experience (GFE), or as I prefer it, I am a girl friend for hire. From that moment we meet I am your lover, your friend, your partner in crime and until we part at the end of the date you will feel as though you have been appreciated like you are the man that hung the moon under which we have spent our evening,  saying our goodbye’s with a lovers kiss.


As someone who appreciates discretion and requests it from my clients, I can promise that each and every moment, communication and private information disclosed to me is bound between us. All my clients are given my word, which I hold great value to that I offer complete discretion and would never divulge our time together to anyone. As I ask for discretion be assured it is returned ten fold.


Let  my mind, body and soul take you to places you never imagined, lose yourself in my laughter and gaze into my eyes as I draw you in and bring you on a journey that could ignite even the tiniest of creative sparks. I am the light in the dark, the fire that warms you, the air you breathe and the softest of bodies that wraps around you as you meet your climax with my name on your lips.

For My Consideration

My time is a luxury but any discerning gentleman knows that already. My requested consideration is for my time only, anything that happens within that time is between two consenting adults and not contractually obligated as a requirement of my time. All considerations quoted are for time and time only.

  • 1 Hour  £150/£180
  • 1.5 Hours £220/£250
  • 2 Hours £280/£320
  • 3 Hours £360/£450
  • 4 Hours £480/£580
  • 5 Hours £600/£700
  • Dinner Date + 2 hours private time £500/£550
  • Dinner Date + Social Engagement £700/£750
  • Dinner Date + Overnight + Brunch £1200
  • Overnight £1000
  • A whole weekend £2000
  • Cottage Weekend Away £3000
  • Shopping Lunch – Treat me to a shopping trip + Lunch and then 2 hours private time £300
  • Shopping Dinner – Take the day shopping + Dinner and then four hours private time £500
  • Spoil Me Rotten package overnight, shopping trip + dinner and an overnight £700

A 20% Deposit is required in advance on all bookings but this can be secured in numerous discrete ways.


I only tour the UK, I love my work and respect it’s rules. So feel free to suggest UK stops for me but know that I will not travel outside of the UK for dates and I am not willing to plan tours outside of the UK. What I can say is there are many a beauty spot here in the UK to which I can cater for trips etc… care to join me in a cottage somewhere idyllic, a bottle of wine, some local produce and my adorable company? Who needs to leave the UK? just visiting? Don’t worry, with some planning I’m sure we can plan a weekend getaway somewhere wonderful and let me show you around my wonderful home counties.

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